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  • Statistics and Data Analysis for Microarrays Using R and Bioconductor Sorin Draghici ****
  • Thank you, Sorin. It is a fantastic book, funny, easy to follow and extremely useful for my work. This book has structured and organized my knowledge, cleared up some terms and conceptions, advanced my R skills.

  • The Secret History of the War on Cancer Devra Davis **
  • The book describes the history of the cancer research. It abounds in shocking facts, interesting concepts, and unanswered questions. You need time to digest every single chapter. It is a brave book for our time. It explains why we won the war on bubonic plague or smallpox but not on cancer.

  • Living Downstream Sandra Steingraber **
  • This book contains an incredible amount of information, some of it pretty shocking. It helps to understand the connections between cancer and environmental factors which have been almost totally ignored in the past. The book is very intense and ruthless. It is an educational but not fun reading. Definitely useful for every cancer researcher.

  • It's not about the Bike Lance Amstrong ****
  • It's an amazing book. It blew me away. I've read already at least five times. It is a story of a young cyclist Lance Amstrong, future world-class athlete, who was diagnosed with late-stage metastatic testicular cancer at the age of 22 and survived. I was really touched by the honesty of Lance's description of all the aspects of his fight against almost-surely fatal disease. As a cancer researcher I appreciate the detailed discussion of Lance's illness, treatment, and recovery process, insight into the human condition, description of all emotional "ups and downs". I recommend it to everyone working in cancer research.

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Drug target discovery using bioinformatics tools, biomarker identification, Machine Learning, R, Python, Rshiny, Reactome, protein pathways and networks, network biology.

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I hope my grandchildren
will think about cancer like
we think now about the Bubonic plague or smallpox.

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