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Close to half of deadly tumors are preventable by your actions. About 34% of total risk was associated with tobacco, diet, alcohol and weight. Professor Max Parkin and his group from Queen Mary University of London and Cancer Research UK have just published in the British Journal of Cancer a survey of cancer risks for the UK - which will be similar to those here.

Smoking is far and away the most important lifestyle factor causing 23 per cent of cancers in men and 15.6 per cent in women (nearly one in five cancers).

So, guys, let’s do it: leave this cigarette in the pack, buy a green salad instead of a pack of chips for lunch and go for a walk or swim after work instead of watching TV… Do it!!!! Do it, and we, cancer researchers, we be focusing on other diseases.

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Cancer, oncogene, functional interactions, driver genes, reactome, network, pathway-based analysis, ovarian cancer, breast cancer, esophageal adenocarcinoma, pancreatic cancer

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Last updated: November, 2013