square My Research Interests:

  • My research focuses on using network and pathway-based analysis to generate biologically relevant hypothesis based on high-throughput studies: sequencing data, gene expression, shRNA screen, and proteomics data. I’m looking for regions of highly-interconnected proteins that can serve as prognostic and predictive signatures to use in cancer patient management.
  • I am interested in the prediction of biologically relevant protein interactions and reconstruction of the comprehensive protein-protein interaction network based on biological pathways from expert curation and from integration of the high-throughput datasets and databases.
  • Some of my projects are dedicated to chemotherapy resistance which remains a major challenge in the treatment of cancer. Unfortunately, resistance exists against EVERY effective anticancer drug. I am interested in developing biomakers that will predict how sensitive this particular tumor to the treatment what will allow us to choose the best combination of the drugs.

square Keywords:

Cancer, oncogene, functional interactions, driver genes, reactome, network, pathway-based analysis, ovarian cancer, breast cancer, esophageal adenocarcinoma, pancreatic cancer

square Address:

MaRS Centre,
South Tower
101 College street,
Suite 800
Toronto ON,
Canada M5G 03A

square Contact me:

ikalats at
Phone: 1-647-240-7952

square Publications:

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square My motto:

I hope my grandchildren
will think about cancer like
we think now about the bubonic plague or smallpox.

Last updated: November, 2013